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Oils | Painting a Colour Gradient

Painting a colour gradient in oils is easy with a few simple techniques; here we are using Prussian Blue, Lamp Black and Zinc White. First, be sure you mix up quite a lot of paint for your primary colour. You don’t want to run out because mixing up a new batch in the exact same colour can be challenging. Begin by painting out the two areas of colours that you want to create a gradient between. We first painted the dark mixture of Prussian Blue and Lamp Black and then added Zinc White to this primary colour to create a lighter value and painted that next to the first mixture. Then, whilst still wet, take a brush and make a figure eight to create a mid-tone across the two colours. When they have blended quite nicely, using a clean brush, pull the firm bristles of a hog brush across the blended surface to even out the transition. This will produce a smooth, even gradation.