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New Winton Oil Colours

There are eight new colours in the Winton range of oil paint. We explore each one here: Cadmium Scarlet Hue, Deep Pink, Dioxazine Blue, Phthalo Deep Green, Dark Verdigris, Phthalo Yellow Green, Azo Yellow Green and Azo Brown. Winton is a ‘short’ paint; it retains peaks, texture and brushstrokes well, without the need for additional mediums. This makes it the perfect choice for artists who want to use techniques such as impasto or sgraffito. It was the preferred choice of British artist L. S. Lowry, who worked with a limited palette of Winton colours to achieve the effects he wanted in his paintings of early 20th century industrial era Britain. We show how a limited palette can produce a range a colours by mixing Prussian Blue, Yellow Ochre and a little Titanium White to create a very recognizable ‘Lowry’ green.