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Illustrate a visual travel guide using Fineliners

UK based artist Aysha Tengiz works across illustration, animation, and textile design. Learn how to illustrate your own detailed visual travel guide using Fineliners, in Aysha’s unique style.

Video Transcript 

Hi, I’m Aysha Tengiz, an artist based in London working across illustration, animation, and textile design. I hold a degree in illustration and have been fortunate enough to have been commissioned by some of the world’s biggest brand and media companies.

I really enjoy illustrating the area around where I live in South East London. So much so I’ve created a visual travel guide.

I start by going out and capturing interesting wildlife, landmarks and buildings of historic value.

I work very loosely at this stage with graphite pencils to capture quick ideas and shapes. Then use colour pencils and promarkers to record the colour reference. These are my go-to materials, all from Winsor & Newton and perfect for quick sketches.

This part of the process is all about exploring, being playful, and not being too precious.

I use my phone camera to record detail for later.

Back in the studio I’ll take the ideas from my sketches and draft up a layout in graphite pencil. Once I’m happy with the layout I’ll switch to fineliners to create the outline for the final design. My favourite is a 0.8mm nib.

When the layout is done, I’ll move into the digital space. I work across Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, and Photoshop. Here I can very quickly experiment with the colours before preparing for print.

And this is the finished travel guide! 

Why not try exploring your local area, there is so much inspiration on your doorstep.

I hope you enjoyed this video.