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Create textile designs using Promarker

UK based artist Aysha Tengiz works across illustration, animation, and textile design. In this video she shares her process when designing textiles using Promarker.

Video Transcript 

Hi, I’m Aysha Tengiz, an artist based in London working across illustration, animation, and textile design. I hold a degree in illustration and have been fortunate enough to have been commissioned by some of the world’s biggest brand and media companies. 

Today I’d like to share my process when designing for textiles. 

For the initial concepts and designs I always start by sketching in a traditional analogue way.The final designs are then produced digitally before being machine knitted into the final products. 

I’m sketching with graphite pencils from the Studio Collection range. 

I’m now going to outline with a 0.8mm Fine Liner. 

When I’m happy I’ll move onto colour. 

My colour choice and palette are very important. The knits have limited colour, so by working with the Promarker range from Winsor & Newton I can explore the bright vivid colours I want for the [Doggo Scarf] before moving onto the digital phase. I work in Adobe Photoshop. 

I like to work on this smooth bleedproof marker paper from Winsor & Newton, as it’s perfect for alcohol-based markers. 

See how I switch between the fine bullet nib which is great for precise detail, and the chisel nib which allows me to fill in large areas with flat, streak-free colour, very quickly.   

A great tip is to keep a Pantone swatch at hand. I use this global colour standard to make sure the colours translate into the knitwear I’m looking to produce. 

I’m now happy with the design. This is the stage where I scan in the artwork to allow myself to experiment with the background colour. I can very quickly try different colours. For this design my final choice was blue. 

And here is the finished scarf. Created by combining drawing tools with digital tools.  

I hope you enjoyed this video.