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Harsh Solvents

We provide a few tips to avoid, or limit, the use of harsh solvents in the studio. First, try cleaning your palette with Linseed Oil at the end of the day, rather than solvent; this will also better preserve a wooden palette. Be careful to rinse the cloth you use to wipe the palette down though before disposing of it because oil soaked rags can spontaneously combust. The greatest exposure to solvents occurs if you use large, open containers when you work or at the end of the day for clean-up. A few changes to your regime can make a huge difference. For example, use smaller vessels with a narrow opening for solvent and choose Sansodor. The reduced VOC, volatile organic compounds, of Sansodor makes it a safer choice. You can also use Safflower Oil for cleaning brushes, this is helpful because it reduces the need to wash your brushes daily, better preserving the life of your brushes. By reducing the use of harsh solvents, you can enjoy working in a safer studio environment.