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Granulation Medium for Watercolour

Granulation Medium for watercolours can create unique effects, as we will show here, but you may not know that common table salt can also be used for stunning effects. First, we show how Granulation Medium works with Alizarin Crimson, a colour which does not have a naturally granulating quality. It separates the colour and allows the pigment to settle into the surface of the paper with a textural quality. When used with a naturally granulating paint, this impact is even more obvious. Next we show how common table salt, when sprinkled on a wet watercolour surface, can create beautiful speckled effects as the salt sucks in the water and leaves the pigment to settle into the surface of the paper. Then we show how rock salt works in the same way but creates more extreme textured effects. Finally, masking fluid is flicked off of a brush, allowed to dry and covered over with a wash. When the paint is dry, the salt is brushed off and the masking fluid rubbed away to reveal the textured, starry effects left behind by the salt and the sharper, distinct shapes revealed by the masking fluid. Both techniques offer you interesting opportunities in your painting!