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Blending Oils | Transparent and Opaque Pigments

Blending oil paint seamlessly from one colour to the next can be a challenge, we demonstrate how to do this successfully using opaque and transparent colours. First, it is best to use a smooth surface; for nice even transitions we added extra layers of gesso and sanded it smooth. Liquin Fine detail is a good medium to choose for mixing into the colours you will use, as it improves the flow and doesn’t retain brush marks. Using soft brushes to ease the transition between colours, and adding blending medium to a clean brush, move across the surface from the darkest colour to the lightest. Keep your brush strokes going in the same direction for consistency and place the colours right next to each other but don’t mix them. Afterwards, run a clean, soft brush and more blending medium to make the change between colours subtle and then use a wide dry, soft brush to refine any marks and areas that need further blending. Proper surface preparation and use of Liquin and Blending Mediums will help you made a perfect blend with transparent and opaque oil colours.