Professional Acrylic Colour

The table below provides all the important information about the composition, characteristics and permanence of the Professional Acrylic Colour range. You can use it to tell you how a colour will appear on your surface (transparency/opacity), how long it will last (permanence) and what pigments it is made from (chemical description) plus much more.

Antique GoldSOAN/AN/A3
Azo Yellow DeepSTAIPY652
Azo Yellow MediumSOAIPY742
Bismuth YellowOAIPY1844
Buff TitaniumOAAIPBk11,PW6,PY421
Burnt Orange / Quinacridone Burnt OrangeTAIPR1794
Burnt SiennaTAAIPR1011
Burnt UmberSOAAIPBr71
Cadmium LemonOAIPY353
Cadmium OrangeOAIPO203
Cadmium Red DeepOAIPR1083
Cadmium Red LightOAIPR1083
Cadmium Red MediumOAIPR1083
Cadmium Yellow DeepOAIPO20,PY353
Cadmium Yellow LightOAIPY353
Cadmium Yellow MediumOAIPY353
Cerulean BlueOAAIPB355
Cerulean Blue ChromiumOAAIPB364
Cerulean Blue HueOAIPB29,PG7,PW62
Chromium Oxide GreenOAAIPG173
Cobalt BlueOAAIPB284
Cobalt Blue DeepSOAAIPB735
Cobalt GreenOAAIPG504
Cobalt Green DeepSOAAIPG263
Cobalt TurquoiseOAAIPB365
Cobalt Turquoise LightOAAIPG504
Davy's GrayTAIPBk19,PY421
Dioxazine PurpleTAIIPV233
Gold OchreOAAIPY421
Graphite GreyOAAIPBk102
Green GoldTAN/APY1294
Hooker's GreenTAN/APG36,PY1103
Indanthrene BlueTAIPB603
Iridescent WhiteSOAN/AN/A3
Ivory BlackOAAIPBk91
Lemon YellowSTAIIPY32
Light RedSOAAIPR1021
Mars BlackOAAIPBk111
Mixing WhiteSOAAIPW61
Naphthol Red LightSTAIIPR1122
Naphthol Red MediumSTAIIPR1702
Naples YellowOAAN/APBr24,PW62
Naples Yellow DeepOAAN/APBr242
Nickel Azo YellowTAN/APY1503
Olive GreenTAN/APBk9,PY129,PY1392
Payne's GraySOAIPB29,PBk91
Permanent Alizarin CrimsonTAN/APR177,PV233
Permanent RoseTAIPV193
Permanent Sap GreenTAIPB15:3,PBk9,PY833
Perylene GreenSTAN/APBk314
Perylene MaroonTAN/APR1794
Perylene RedTAIPR1494
Perylene VioletTAN/APV294
Phthalo Blue (Green Shade)TAIPB15:32
Phthalo Blue (Red Shade)TAIPB15:12
Phthalo Green (Blue Shade)TAIPG72
Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)TAIPG362
Phthalo TurquoiseTAN/APB163
Potter's PinkSOAAN/APR2333
Pyrrole OrangeSTAN/APO734
Pyrrole RedOAIPR2544
Pyrrole Red LightOAIPR2554
Quinacridone GoldTAIPO48,PY1504
Quinacridone MagentaTAIPV193
Quinacridone RedTAIPR2093
Quinacridone VioletTAIPR1223
Raw SiennaTAAIPR101,PY421
Raw UmberSOAAIPBr71
Raw Umber LightTAAIPBr71
Red Iron OxideOAAIPR1011
Renaissance GoldSOAN/AN/A3
Silver No.2SOAN/AN/A3
Titanium WhiteOAAIPW61
Ultramarine BlueTAIPB292
Ultramarine VioletTAIPV152
Violet Iron OxideOAAIPR1011
Yellow Iron OxideOAAIPY421
Yellow OchreSTAAIPY431