Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour

The table below provides all the important information about the composition, characteristics and permanence of the Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour range. You can use it to tell you how a colour will appear on your surface (transparency/opacity), how long it will last (permanence) and what pigments it is made from (chemical description) plus much more.

Burnt SiennaTAAIPR1011Alkyd resin
Burnt UmberTAAIPBr71Alkyd resin
Cadmium Orange HueSOAIPO73,PY651Alkyd resin
Cadmium Red Deep HueOAIIPR101,PR170,PR1771Alkyd resin
Cadmium Red Light HueSOAIPO73,PR1881Alkyd resin
Cadmium Red Medium HueSTAIPR1881Alkyd resin
Cadmium Yellow Deep HueSOAIPO73,PY651Alkyd resin
Cadmium Yellow Light HueSOAIPY741Alkyd resin
Cadmium Yellow Medium HueSOAIPY65,PY741Alkyd resin
Cerulean Blue HueOAIPB15:1,PG7,PW51Alkyd resin
Cobalt Blue HueOAIPB15:1,PB29,PBk61Alkyd resin
Cobalt Violet HueOAIPV19,PV231Alkyd resin
Davy's GrayTAAN/APBk19,PBk7,PY421Alkyd resin
Dioxazine PurpleTAIPV231Alkyd resin
French UltramarineTAIPB291Alkyd resin
Indian RedOAAIPR1011Alkyd resin
Indian YellowTAN/APY1391Alkyd resin
Ivory BlackOAAIPBk91Alkyd resin
Lamp BlackOAAIPBk61Alkyd resin
Light RedOAAIPR1011Alkyd resin
MagentaTAIPB15,PR1221Alkyd resin
Mixing WhiteOAAIPW61Alkyd resin
Naples Yellow HueOAAIPR101,PW6,PY421Alkyd resin
Olive GreenTAN/APBk7,PY1291Alkyd resin
Oxide of ChromiumOAAN/APG171Alkyd resin
Pale Rose BlushOAIPV19,PW6,PY421Alkyd resin
Payne's GrayOAIPB29,PBk61Alkyd resin
Permanent Alizarin CrimsonTAN/APR1772Alkyd resin
Permanent Geranium LakeTAN/APR2091Alkyd resin
Permanent RoseTAIPV191Alkyd resin
Permanent Sap GreenTAN/APB15:3,PY1102Alkyd resin
Phthalo BlueTAIPB151Alkyd resin
Phthalo GreenTAIPG71Alkyd resin
Phthalo Green (Yellow Shade)TAN/APG361Alkyd resin
Prussian BlueTAIPB271Alkyd resin
Purple LakeTAN/APB29,PR1771Alkyd resin
Raw SiennaTAAIPY431Alkyd resin
Raw UmberTAAIPBk11,PBr71Alkyd resin
Terre VerteOAIPG23,PG71Alkyd resin
Titanium WhiteOAAIPW61Alkyd resin
Ultramarine (Green Shade)TAIPB291Alkyd resin
Vandyke BrownOAAIPBk6,PBr71Alkyd resin
Vermilion HueOAN/APO36,PR170,PW61Alkyd resin
Viridian HueOAIPBr7,PG36,PG71Alkyd resin
Winsor LemonTAIIPY31Alkyd resin
Winsor RedTAIPR170,PR1881Alkyd resin
Winsor YellowTAIPY741Alkyd resin
Yellow OchreOAAIPY431Alkyd resin