Winsor & Newton Ink Exhibition

A short film of the private view of the Winsor & Newton Ink Exhibition with guest speaker cartoonist
Steven Appleby

The Winsor & Newton 1970's ink boxes designed by Michael Peters OBE have become design
icons, well-loved by artists, we wanted to give our consumers the opportunity to take their place in
design history. Throughout March 2012 Winsor & Newton ran a highly successful competition to
design a Winsor & Newton Limited Edition Ink Gift Set to sit in the range alongside the fierce Dragon,
the elegant pocket watch and, of course, the gentleman spider. The competition engaged artists and
attracted over 700 entries from all over the world. 

As well as the main prize, 10 runners up received a Limited Edition Ink Set and selection of entries featured
in an exhibition in The Griffin Gallery at the Studio Building, London in September 2012.