Why Flake White is not sold in tubes

Why Flake White is not sold in tubes
Flake white and other lead products are affected by EU legislation. Understanding the implications regarding artists' materials is complicated and Winsor & Newton have invested a lot of resources interpreting these implications to ensure the supply to artists is maintained at the same time as complying with the law.  

In 1992, lead was banned in the EU in household paints whilst artists' materials manufacturers successfully gained an exemption for artists' colours.  The EU has continued to legislate against lead, in a number of categories.  From the 31st July 1995 in the UK, lead compounds and products containing lead compounds were reclassified as ‘toxic for reproduction'.

For the UK this has the following implications:

•    Products labelled as toxic require child resistant closures if sold to the general public.
•    Products labelled as toxic require tactile warnings of danger if sold to the general public.

The precedence taken by Winsor & Newton in early July 1995 is quoted below:

The mandatory guidelines affect the retailer/supplier as follows:

•    Flake White, Foundation White and Cremnitz White can no longer be supplied in tubes.
•    These products are available in 150ml childproof tins.
•    Each tin is labelled with mandatory warnings and a further special instructions leaflet is provided in the outer box.
•    These products will not be displayed on open shelves. They will either be behind the counter or in a locked display.

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