Oils, Mediums, Varnishes, & Solvents

As the world’s largest manufacturer of premium quality artists’ materials, we bring as much care and attention to the labelling and safe use of products as to the quality of their performance. Winsor & Newton products should not present a risk to health if handled appropriately, as detailed upon the product labels and within our literature.

For specific safety information relating to certain Oils, Mediums, Varnishes or Solvents, please download the safety data sheets below.

For detailed information about health labeling, legislation, directives, and best practices in the EU and the USA, click here.

US Health & Safety Data Sheets

Water Colour Mediums
   Water Colour Mediums - Granulation Medium
   Water Colour Mediums - Gum Arabic
   Water Colour Mediums - Aquapasto
   Water Colour Mediums - Blending Medium
   Water Colour Mediums - Permanent Masking Medium
   Water Colour Mediums - Ox Gall Liquid
   Water Colour Mediums - Lifting Preparation
   Water Colour Mediums - Texture Medium
   Water Colour Mediums - Iridescent Medium

Oil Mediums
   Oil Mediums - Artists Painting Medium
   Oil Mediums - Blending & Glazing Medium
   Oil Mediums - Liquin Light Gel
   Oil Mediums - Liquin Original

Oil Varnishes
   Oil Varnishes - Artists Gloss Varnish
   Oil Varnishes - Artists Satin Varnish
   Oil Varnishes - Artists Matt Varnish
   Oil Varnishes - Dammar Varnish
   Oil Varnishes - Japan Gold Size

   Solvents - Distilled Turpentine
   Solvents - Artists White Spirit
   Solvents - Sansodor (Low Odour) Solvent
   Solvents - Artists Picture Cleaner

Artisan Water Mixable Mediums
   Artisan Water Mixable Fast Drying Medium
   Artisan Water Mixable Linseed Oil
   Artisan Water Mixable Impasto Medium
   Artisan Water Mixable Stand Oil
   Artisan Water Mixable Thinner

Artist Acrylic Mediums
   Gloss UV Varnish

Galeria Acrylic Mediums
   Flexible Modelling Paste

Artists' Brush Care
   Artguard Barrier Cream
   Brush Cleaner & Restorer

Artists' Aerosols
   Workable Fixative, Transparent
   All Purpose Varnish, High Gloss
   All Purpose Varnish, Matt