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Charmaine Watkiss

The moment when...

Regardless of style or skill level, every artist’s journey with watercolours will be made up of moments: challenging moments, inspiring moments, breakthrough moments, and so many more. For The Moment When, we connected with three watercolour artists – Tamsin Relly, Charmaine Watkiss and Eudes Correia – to hear directly from them how different moments have and continue to influence and impact their unique watercolour journeys. The result is a series of intimate and insightful films that shine a light on what inspires these artists, how they approach their work and why they feel watercolour is the right medium for bringing their visions to life.

Tamsin Relly

What was the moment when Tamsin Relly first felt inspired by a piece of art? Discover how nature influences her practice and learn about the specific qualities she appreciates in Winsor & Newton Watercolours.

Eudes Correia

When does Eudes Correia feel most inspired to create his art? Discover how he finds inspiration from the calm of the sea to the frenetic energy of urban centres and how the unpredictability of watercolour influencers his work.

Charmaine Watkiss

When is the moment that Charmaine Watkiss realises a piece of work is finished? See what inspires her incredible work and discover how Winsor & Newton Watercolours play an integral role in her practice.

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