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Spotlight on: Manganese Blue

Once used to tint cement for swimming pools, manganese blue soon became popular with artists. Find out more about this punchy azure.
Published 15/11/19

Spotlight on cerulean blue

Bright and opaque, cerulean blue is invaluable to artists. Find out why painters including Monet and Signac prized this beautiful sky blue.
Published 17/10/19

Spotlight on: Emerald Green

Discover the troubled history of emerald green, and learn about Winsor & Newton’s non-toxic, brilliant blue-green replacement, Winsor Emerald.
Published 17/09/19

Spotlight on: Pinks

Explore the subtle power of pink in art, from the delicate garments of Early Renaissance religious paintings to Picasso's "Rose Period".
Published 15/08/19

Spotlight on Prussian blue

Created by happy accident, Prussian blue was used by artists including Monet, Constable and Lowry. Learn more about this celebrated colour.
Published 18/07/19
Artist Kyle Gallup in her studio

Spotlight on: Kyle Gallup

See how US artist Kyle Gallup used our vibrant cadmium-free and jewel colour collections to capture her journeys around London's riverscapes.
Published 17/05/19

Spotlight on cadmium-free colours

Our cadmium-free colours offer the same intensely bright, lightfast results as cadmium paints. Read more about these groundbreaking formulas.
Published 28/03/19

Spotlight on: Indigo

Dive into the deep blue world of indigo, from its use for centuries as a natural textile dye to the synthetic artists’ pigment created in 1878.
Published 11/03/19

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