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Georgia O’Keeffe, ‘Oriental Poppies’

Georgia O’Keeffe: Commanding Colour

Georgia O’Keeffe was a master of oils. The renowned modernist was obsessive when it came to interrogating the qualities of her materials, using meticulous paint-out cards to experiment with her…
Eudes Correia

The moment when with Eudes Correia

What are the moments that have and continue to inspire Eudes Correia on his creative journey? Originally from Brazil, Eudes Correia is a watercolour artist currently living and working in…
sepia color

Spotlight on: Sepia

Sepia is a black-brown colour with a reddish tone. It is named after the Sepia cuttlefish from which this pigment derives. Cuttlefish store their ink in sacs situated between their…
Ann Marie James

Our Featured Artist: Ann-Marie James

Ann-Marie James is an artist working across the mediums of painting, drawing, printmaking and collage. James’s work explores two main themes: the idea of change and metamorphosis, of one thing…
A history of Viridian Hydrated chromium oxide is an intense green pigment with a bluish hue, more commonly known in the English-speaking world as Viridian. Viridian comes from the Latin…
Graeme Black

Our Featured Artist: Graeme Black

Nature, form, colour and texture have been defining elements of Graeme Black’s life and work from his childhood on the rocky east coast of Scotland and his career as an…

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