Artist Residency: Jenny Morgan

Jenny Morgan

We spoke with Brooklyn-based American artist Jenny Morgan in Winsor & Newton’s London studio when she was here on her residency. She told us how she had known she was an artist since she was a child, and that she became interested in dream language early on which led her to looking at artists such as Salvador Dali.

The connection between muse and artist is fundamental in her work, and Jenny explained that her portraiture is much more than just a portrait, it is about relating to someone psychically and psychologically.

Jenny Morgan work station

As a figurative painter, she particularly enjoyed the visual feast of The National Gallery. She was impressed by the depth of art history in Europe and the importance of context, she experienced the paintings differently because they were shown in that grand and historical gallery. After a month spent living and working in London, we look forward to seeing how, as she describes, the seeds of her experience here take root in her future work.

Watch the video below: