Give yourself permission to play: how to combine our graphic art range

Our graphic art materials are perfectly formulated for mixed media work, allowing you to explore new techniques, experiment with different tools and develop your own unique style. Read on to discover which products can be best combined with others to achieve a variety of surprising results.


promarker neon


Promarker, Promarker Brush, Promarker Neon 

Loved by graphic artists worldwide due to its versatility, the twin-tipped Promarker range can be used in tandem with all other graphic art products.  

With its broad chisel and bullet nib, Promarker is utilised for filling in colour and adding detail, while Promarker Brush’s flexible brush and broad nib allow the user to achieve a more sweeping, flexible technique such as adding flow to fabric in a fashion illustration. 

The translucency of Promarker ink means it can be used before or after other materials. Begin by using Graphite Pencils to outline an initial sketch before filling in colour with Promarker. Fineliner can be combined with Promarker either before or after; use Fineliner as a sketching tool and wait for it to dry before applying Promarker to the work or add Fineliner details over Promarker. If texture is needed, use Studio Collection Colour Pencils over Promarker’s streak-free finish, adding highlights with white or shadows with darker shades. Finish with Promarker Neon to add fluorescent details or Promarker Metallic for shimmering embellishments.


promarker watercolour


Promarker Watercolour 

Promarker Watercolour can be used as a marker on its own or added to water to create a paint effect. You can add water to the ink even after the colour has dried, allowing you to be flexible when adding different products to the mix. Ensure that the Fineliner has had about five minutes to dry before adding water to the work. Finish with using Watercolour Pencils to add patterns or texture to the work.


promarker metallic


Promarker Metallic 

The glittering sheen of Promarker Metallic lends itself well to mixed media. Use as a contrast against black paper or add white gouache either as a base or as a highlighter over the Promarker. Fineliner or Drawing Inks can additionally be applied over the gouache once it’s dry. 





The beauty of applying Fineliner alongside other products lies in its water resistance. It can be used before and after colour layers once dried, without the worry of smudging – whether that’s paint, ink or water. Use Fineliner as a sketching tool to add detail, colour or shading over any paint or ink. It can be applied to any paper, but the smooth paper is better, particularly when using smaller nibs. 


studio collection colour


Colour and Watercolour Pencils 

Use our wax-based Studio Collection Colour Pencil and Watercolour Pencil to achieve blending and shading techniques. They can be used on any paper, but the effects come out better on smooth paper. Use to add texture and details to the Promarker range.  

Add Watercolour Pencil to Watercolour Promarker pieces, and blend using a wet brush to create added watercolour effects.  


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