Gifts to spark an artist’s imagination

gifts for artists

Looking for expertly curated gifts for the artists, designers and creatives in your life? Guaranteed to be well-loved, these tops picks from our collection are the perfect tools for those who want to express themselves. We’ve selected six essential artist sets, including the newly launched Metallic Watercolours and Tate Watercolours, each beautifully packaged and ready to inspire this season.

Promarker set of 96 Markers

This sought-after bumper box is made for artists who like to play with colour across the spectrum. It’s the ultimate Promarker collection, and is suited to beginners and more experienced creatives, from graphic designers to architects and fashion illustrators. The extensive set is made up of 96 Promarker shades and comes with a blender to achieve a range of colour tones.

Promarker Metallics Set

Give the gift of glimmering Promarker Metallics this season. The set equips artists with six iridescent markers in a variety of eye-catching shades, from violet to red gold. Artists can use the pens individually or to embellish existing Promarker pieces. It’s the ideal kit for those who want to add that extra sparkle to their work.

Cotman Metallic Watercolour Set

For artists looking to add a brand-new set to their collection, the newly released Metallic Watercolours combine the expressiveness of watercolour with the vibrancy of a metallic shine. It’s the perfect set for artists looking to learn new watercolour techniques and transform their style. The set can be used with all our other watercolour ranges to add highlights and shimmering effects.

Metallic Drawing Ink Collection, Set of four

Give them something iconic and beautiful this season with these decorative bottles of shimmering Metallic Drawing Inks. Each pack has been carefully curated by professional artists and comes with four staple colours, in black, white, silver and gold. The iridescent inks can be used to add beautiful highlights to the artist’s work or create illuminating designs on dark paper.

Cotman Watercolour Landscape Pocket Set

This pocket-sized portable set is ideal for those who love to paint outdoors or while travelling without compromising on quality. The eight Cotman Watercolours have been developed by professional artists and come with a travel brush and space for four additional colours – a great choice for fine artists who like to get creative while on the go.

John Singer Sargent Watercolour Set

Looking for an exclusive gift set? Curated together with Tate, this newly released watercolour set inspires creatives to follow in the footsteps of great artists. Each box give access to a step-by-step guide and the materials they need to master the art of watercolour in the style of each celebrated painter. It’s the ultimate gift for those looking to gain or develop their skills in watercolour painting.

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