Gifts to spark an artist’s imagination

Looking for expertly curated gifts for the artists, designers and creatives in your life? Guaranteed to be well-loved, these tops picks from our collection are the perfect tools for those who want to express themselves. We’ve selected six essential artist sets, including the newly launched Metallic Watercolours and Tate Watercolours, each beautifully packaged and ready to inspire this season.

Promarker set of 96 Markers

This coveted bumper box is made for artists who like to play with colour across the spectrum. It’s the ultimate Promarker collection, and is suited to beginners and more experienced creatives, from graphic designers to architects and fashion illustrators. The extensive set is made up of 96 Promarker shades and comes with a blender to achieve a range of colour tones.  

Series 7 Brush

If the artist in your life is after a brush that lasts a lifetime, look no further than the Series 7. They’ll be using Queen Victoria’s preferred brush, the Series 7 Kolinsky Sable Brush that’s handmade from only the finest hair. Select sizes (the 7,8,9 and 10) come in a beautifully presented box with gold lettering, making them the perfect gift for those who appreciate luxury and longevity.    

Drawing Inks: Henry Collection Ink Pack

Give a loved one the gift of discovery with the Henry Collection Drawing Ink Pack, an excellent introduction to exploring the world of pen and ink. This set features eight bottled colours and a booklet illustrating various techniques, all inspired by painter and Winsor & Newton co-founder, Henry Newton. The inks have been the preferred choice of illustrators, designers and calligraphers since the 1890s, and are ideal for artists seeking to create rich, glossy pieces.

Professional Watercolour set of 24

If you’re buying for a watercolour artist who loves to paint en plein air, on the go or between home and studio spaces, this complete travel tin is the perfect fit. Made up of 24 Professional Watercolours, the practical two-sided tin features palettes for water, mixing different colours and tinting individual colours, along with a thumb ring in the base and space for a brush.  You can feel the heritage in your hand when you work with this set.

Cotman Watercolour Landscape Pocket Set

This pocket-sized portable set is ideal for those who love to paint outdoors or while travelling without compromising on quality. The eight Cotman Watercolours have been developed by professional artists and come with a travel brush and space for four additional colours – a great choice for fine artists who like to get creative while on the go.

TATE Collection: David Bomberg Drawing Set

This set is the result of an exciting collaboration between Tate and Winsor & Newton, giving artists the opportunity to unleash their creativity with the guidance of influential artists – in this case, painter David Bomberg. Known for blending cubism and futurism in his geometric compositions, Bomberg had a unique talent for turning people into angular shapes using a limited colour palette. With 12 graphite pencils, 12 soft lead colour pencils, a paper pad and an exclusive guide to explore Bomberg’s techniques, this toolkit will inspire artists to create their own unique sketches and compositions.

TATE Collection: Gillian Ayres OBE Acrylic Set

Also created in partnership with Tate, this set is for creatives who aren’t afraid to use bold colours, allowing them to follow in the footsteps of painter Gillian Ayres. Best known for her abstract paintings and vibrant printmaking, Ayres’ earlier works are dominated by a limited number of colours arranged in simple forms, while later pieces evolve into a more exuberant style. Artists can explore and experiment with colour and texture in response to Ayres’ work with this complete set, including 10 acrylic colours, two brushes, a paper pad and an exclusive guide.

TATE Collection: Ithell Colquhoun Ink Set

This ink set pays homage to surrealist painter Ithell Colquhoun’s innovative style; a gift suited to like-minded esoteric minds. Inside are six inks, a pen, a paper pad and an exclusive guide. Also curated together with Tate, the set is inspired by the surrealist themes in Colquhoun's works and her wide range of techniques and materials, such as frottage and collage. These drawing inks are widely used by illustrators, designers, calligraphers and artists. The set includes everything creatives need to develop their techniques and experiment with Colquhoun's varied methods.

TATE Collection: Paul Cézanne Oil Set

Cézanne is known for his bold outlines and fragmented brush marks. This set is a great way to introduce an artist to Paul Cézanne’s distinctive approach, allowing them to experiment with his techniques using a colour palette based on the artist’s own. Cézanne’s work is often considered a bridge between Impressionism and Cubism, and still life was a significant theme in his art. The set, made in partnership with Tate, includes 10 oil colours, a brush, a paper pad and a guide, providing everything a beginning oil painter needs to start exploring the artist’s unique techniques.

TATE Collection: John Singer Sargent Watercolour Set

Winsor & Newton watercolours were a preferred medium for John Singer Sargent when he worked outdoors, known as an accomplished American portrait painter, he also worked from nature. This box set, curated with Tate, gives access to a step-by-step guide and the materials needed to master the art of watercolour in the loose style of Singer Sargent. It’s the ultimate gift for those looking to gain or develop their skills in watercolour painting.