Our most royal fan: Queen Victoria

Distinguished Amateurs in the Graphic Arts was a delightful series published by Winsor & Newton in the 1950s. Each article focused on a figure of note with considerable artistic flair. We thought you’d enjoy this snippet about the exceptionally talented Queen Victoria – an amateur artist whose preferred supplier of materials was always Winsor & Newton.

To create her portraits of family members and beautiful landscapes, Victoria would settle for only the very finest tools and found ours to be unsurpassed in quality. To that end, she awarded Winsor & Newton the Royal Warrant in 1841 – something we still hold to this day. In fact, our most celebrated brush range, Series 7, owes its very existence to Victoria’s request that Winsor & Newton make a set of exquisite watercolour brushes in her favourite size. The original brushes were made of ivory, silver and the finest sable, and while some of those materials have now changed, we still don’t compromise on our sable or the skill with which we craft.