Our Ethics

We are firm believers that everyone can do something for the environment, and Winsor & Newton are no exception. To us, this is about safeguarding the future, embracing social responsibility and keeping our eco-footprint as tiny as possible. 

How are we doing this? We’re already adopting best practices in our industry, and making smart, future-oriented choices at every level. It’s all a journey, but every little win takes us a step closer to our ultimate goal of sustainability. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken so far. 

Standing up for what we believe in 

Rather than simply tossing water down the drain after we’ve used it, we’re all for giving it a second life. Take our Crown Artist Brush factory in Lowestoft, UK – where we have introduced a rainwater collection system. This provides a free, alternative source of water for our production, plus, it cuts back on using freshwater. 

Over at our colour factories, we’ve installed closed-loop water waste systems. This means water can be reused throughout the plant, including to clean machinery. 

Cadmium care 

Cutting down on using hazardous chemicals is a challenge faced by all paint manufacturers. Cadmium is a heavy metal that many artists add to paint to create brilliant pigments, but its use releases heavy metals into the environment.  

Cadmium is currently tricky to replicate artificially, but we are making efforts to cut down on all chemicals, and particularly this one. Our more budget-friendly paint ranges, like Cotman Watercolours, come without cadmium colours. And with premium ranges, such as Professional Watercolours, we offer alternative cadmium-free options. It’s the same high-quality performance, just without the chemicals. 

Leading the way 

Our Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour takes an eco-friendly approach by ditching traditional solvents. Now, you can clean up and wash brushes with water, making it an excellent choice for oil painters. Similarly, our Artisan Varnish Remover is designed to safely strip Artisan varnishes from paintings, allowing for easy cleaning and re-varnishing.