Art & Science

Winsor & Newton is built on a blend of art and science. Our materials are developed by a team of modern ‘colourmen’ with a background in chemistry, who manufacture quality colours and materials. 


Great artists lead to great materials 

When William Winsor and Henry Newton set out to supply the best possible materials to artists, great masters including JMW Turner gave them insight and professional know-how. Since then, we’ve been teaming up with leading artists and institutions around the globe. 

Artists make up our staff throughout the business – playing their part in tech, engineering and marketing departments. Over the years, this artist-fronted approach has led to exciting developments in colours and materials. Products such as Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colour, the oil colour medium Liquin and iconic drawing inks, have each transformed the ways people make art. 

A particular innovation is our Professional Acrylic range. We created a one-of-a-kind transparent binder, making it easy for artists to match colours from palette to canvas. Now, artists can see a painting as it will look when it is finished. 


Creative spaces for creative people 

We’re passionate about discovering and nurturing creativity. We want to carve out space for artistic innovation, imagination and collaboration.  

As a key partner in The Fine Art Collective (TFAC), a programme that supports emerging talent in universities around the world, Winsor & Newton’s TFAC workshops provide hands-on experiences with our materials.