Water Oil Mixable Oil Colour Mediums

Oils, mediums, solvents, and varnishes specifically designed to be used with Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour. All can be mixed and rinsed with water, without the need for any hazardous solvents.

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Enhance the characteristics of water mixable oil colours

Water Mixable Oil Colour Mediums to alter or enhance the characteristics of Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colours. They are used to change the rate of drying, increase gloss, improve flow and provide texture to the paint. The main advantage of using our Water Mixable Oil Colours and Mediums is that they are solvent free yet still give the appearance and application of traditional oil painting techniques.

Choose & combine different types of water mixable oil mediums


Oils will modify the colours viscosity, gloss and drying time. Using oils maintains the flexibility of paint films, particularly when working fat over lean.


Used to alter or enhance the characteristics of oil colour, mediums are used to modify the rate of drying, increase gloss, improve flow or add texture.


Thinner is the water mixable alternative to the solvents commonly used with conventional oil paints and produces a “leaner” mixture.


Sealing with a varnish as final step for thoroughly dried artworks, to protect it from the build up of dirt and grease, and the passage of time. Available as sprays or in bottles, and in different finishes.

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