Galeria Acrylic Mediums

This is a large, versatile and economical range of mediums, ideal for students, beginners and for large scale work. Uses the same binder as Galeria Acrylic paint.

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Explore the versatility of acrylics

One of the most versatile of media, acrylics can be used in a fluid, gestural manner (much like water colour) or, in heavier applications, they can be shaped and carved, used for print making and in many more applications. Mediums allow artists to fully explore the versatility of acrylics; helping to improve durability, extending and enhancing colour and improving flow.

Choose & combine different types of mediums


Gesso protects your surfaces and provide a controlled absorption for acrylic painting. A thorough foundation contributes to a long-lasting artwork.


Acrylic mediums enrich the paint with properties such as gloss, flow, transparency and volume without compromising the integrity of the paint film.


Additives allow you to change chemical processing of colours, e.g. flow or drying time. As additives do not contain any binder, no more than 25% by volume may be added to your paints.

Pastes, Gels + Effects

Pastes and gels add sculptural value to your artwork. Also suitable for embedding materials as these products have an adhesive effect.


Sealing with a varnish as final step for thoroughly dried artworks, to protect it from the build up of dirt and grease, and the passage of time. Available in different finishes.

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