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Clovis Rétif

Featured Artist: Clovis Rétif

Clovis is a French artist living and working in Brussels. He obtained a degree in Spatial Design and first worked in the field of architecture before turning to drawing. I’ve…
Davy’s Grey

Colour Story: Davy’s Gray

Davy’s Gray is a soft grey colour developed by Winsor & Newton in the 19th century, traditionally made from powdered slate pigments. A transparent grey with a greenish tone, it…
Ruby Madder Alizarin

Colour Story: Ruby Madder Alizarin

Ruby Madder Alizarin is a new Winsor & Newton colour formulated using the benefits of synthetic alizarin. We rediscovered this colour in our archives, in a tint book from 1937,…

The meaning behind green

How often do you consider the backstory behind the colours you choose as an artist? Welcome to our deep dive on the meaning of green.

Our Featured Artist: Camille Chastang

Winsor & Newton spoke to Camille Chastang, an artist living and working in France, who spent 6 months on a residency in Paris at the Drawing Factory.
Our Featured Artist: Kelogsloops

Our Featured Artist: Kelogsloops

Hieu Nguyen, also known as ‘Kelogsloops’, is a watercolor artist based in Melbourne, Australia. His work blends abstract and surreal art styles with anime influences from his upbringing. Since beginning…

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