Redefining Mental Health Spaces with Art

We’re delighted to announce an expansion in our partnership with the mental health charity Hospital Rooms. The aim of Hospital Rooms is to provide people being treated for mental health issues with a welcoming and dignified space by commissioning global artists to install artwork on the wards. In sponsoring artist Orlanda Broom, we can support her creative journey making work for Rosebud Ward at Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust.  

Founders of Hospital Rooms, curator Niamh White and artist Tim A. Shaw, built the organisation based on personal experience. They visited a good friend who was an in-patient on a mental health ward and came away struck by the lack of care given to the surroundings. They knew they had the skills and community to be able to transform these spaces with high-quality artworks. And they believed in the power of art to connect people. Thus, Hospital Rooms was born. 

We join many prestigious partners who have been working to help Hospital Rooms expand their capacity to help people. Currently, the charity is working across the UK and has inspired a pilot project in Lagos, Nigeria.  

It is a tremendous privilege to join Hospital Rooms and contribute in a small way as they work with service users and staff to alleviate the challenges faced by people with mental health issues. Working alongside them allows us an insight into how artists work and how they interpret the world. And it gives us a way of understanding how artists re-interpret their work to thoughtfully adapt to important community projects. 

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