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Three things to know when lifting watercolour

Lifting is not just the watercolourist’s answer to an eraser. It’s a widely-used technique for portraying smoky atmospheres, cloudy skies and other such effects. But from gently sponging out a…

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Understanding drying times for oil colour

Working with oil colour gives you a certain degree of flexibility while painting, as it takes longer to dry than other media. Should you want to alter your work days…

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What are drying oils?

Drying and semi-drying oils are the vegetable oils used to make oil colour: linseed, poppy and safflower. The different methods of processing oils produce products with different drying rates, consistencies…

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Choosing a surface for acrylic painting

Looking for an easy way to introduce variety to your acrylic painting practice? Acrylic artists have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing a surface for work,…