The ultimate stocking fillers for creative people

Stocking Filter for Creative People

These pocket-sized art materials make exceptional gifts for anyone who has a creative flare – they may be small, but they’re guaranteed to inspire a lifetime of creativity. We’ve picked our favourite starter sets that are a must for any budding artists’ collection.

Foundation Brushes

These starter packs contain 6 varying sizes of brush making them perfect for beginners who want to experiment. They’re individually designed for optimum use with different mediums but can be intermixed too.
Acrylic brushes – Short Handle – 6 Pack
Our white synthetic brushes are primarily for use with acrylic colour but also suitable for oil colour.
Watercolour brushes – Short Handle – 6 Pack
These golden synthetic brushes are made for use with watercolour but can also be used with gouache and acrylic.
Oil brushes – Short Handle – 6 Pack
For a more traditional option, our natural hog bristle brushes are ideal for use with oils but can also be used for acrylics.

Foundation Brushes

Promarker Metallic 2 Gold & Silver

For a festive choice, the Promarker Metallic Gold and Silver set offers intense, shimmery colours which are perfect for adding highlights and texture. Each pen is twin-tipped, with a broader bullet nib suitable for filling in large areas, and a smaller one for detailed work.

Promarker Metallic

Drawing Ink Collection

There’s an impressive 26 colours in our drawing ink range. We’ve hand-selected the perfect giftable sets across a broad colour range. All inks can be used with a brush, or dip pen and can be intermixed with each other.

Drawing Ink Collection – Set of 4 (Black, White, Metallic)

Continuing with the festive theme, this set of high-quality drawing inks contains Gold, Silver, White and Black. Use Gold or Silver straight from the bottle or mix with other inks to create unique metallic colours. The white ink can be mixed with colour to create pastel shades or used on dried artwork for strong highlights.

Drawing Ink Collection

Drawing Ink Collection – Set of 4 (Rich Tones)

Selected for their deep tones – Purple, Ultramarine, Sunshine Yellow and Viridian – which can be used straight from the bottle or mixed to create subtle variations as well as tones of brown and orange.

Drawing Ink Set 4

Drawing Ink Collection – Set of 4 (Vibrant Tones)

You can’t go wrong with this set featuring 4 primary colours – Cobalt, Apple Green, Canary Yellow and Crimson. Can be mixed to create secondary colours such as purple, orange and green tones.

Drawing Ink Set Vibrant

Black Fineliner Assorted Set x5

Our Black Fineliner Pens suits every style of sketching, featuring a smoothly tapered nib and flexible grip adjustment which help capture ideas more fluidly. They’re optimised for sketching and drawing, water-resistant and use non-fading pigment ink.

Black Fineliner

Studio Collection Sketching Pencil x6

Presented in a shiny tin, this carefully selected set of essential pencils is perfect for anyone wanting to discover the pleasure of drawing. The classic charcoal and graphite pencils included blend easily to create evocative shading, making them ideal for striking life drawings, still life pieces or spontaneous sketching.

Studio Collection Sketching Pencils