Winsor & Newton Promarker family

Promarkers are designed for creating colourful sketches and drawings, with both the creative professional and hobbyist in mind. Our markers are all twin-tipped and produced in two formulationsalcohol and water-based.  The Promarker and Promarker Brush are both alcohol-based dye ink markers with fine bullet nibs on one end.  The other nib on the Promarker is a chisel; the Promarker Brush has a brush nib.  Promarker Watercolour differs in that it is water-based pigmented ink with fine bullet and brush nibs.   

Recently, we extended the range with new neon and metallic colours.  These also have a water-based pigmented formula which is compatible with the rest of the range, so these vibrant and shimmering colours can be used with the other markers to expand your palette. 

Promarkers are tools used by illustrators across a range of styles, from fashion illustration to children’s book illustrations and anime.  They are well suited to the energetic and bold sketches of a fashion designer, where you might need to draw the same dress quickly in several colours and styles.  Children’s illustrators enjoy the streak-free quality of the ink so they can use clean blocks of colour and simple shapes to accompany a narrative.  And the fine bullet and chisel tips lend themselves to the edgy energetic quality of the characters in anime drawings.   

Illustrator Joy Ting Charde uses our Promarkers in her work and she says, ‘I love the way the Promarker Watercolours just glide across my paper.  I also love that there is a variety of marks that you can make – fine to broad. So versatile!’  And, as for colour, mandala designer Baz Furnell loves a particular blue, ‘In the Promarkers, I really like the ‘Prussian’. It's a unique mix of purple and blue is unlike anything I’ve seen in other marker sets. 

To support you in all your colour needs in a marker, the Promarker comes in 173 colours, Promarker Brush in 72 colours, Promarker Watercolour is provided in 36 colours and there are 6 colours in each of the Neon and Metallic ranges.  They all work well together so you can make work that layers the markers overor under, the others and explore the full range of effects in one drawing.  

Mandala Art:  As we mentioned previously, Baz Furnell is a mandala artist.  Mandala is Sanskrit for “circle” or “discoid object” and the design is a geometric pattern that holds a great deal of symbolism in Hindu and Buddhist cultures. Mandalas are believed to represent different aspects of the universe and are used as instruments of meditation. 

You can see Baz’s mandala designs with our Promarkers on his Instagram account here.