Watercolour After Effects Gift Collection

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  • Designed to ignite artistic journeys that will excite the mind and engage the senses. The range is inspired by the great art of alchemy believed to hold the key to unlocking the secrets of creation.The Water Colour After Effects Gift Collection set consists of 7 individual products including 4 different media, designed to enhance, embellish and add unique glimmering fine touches to watercolour paintings and illustrations. The set contains 3x Metallic Marker (Red-gold, Blue Metallic and Green Metallic), 2x 14ml Drawing Ink (silver and gold), 1x 75ml Iridescent Medium, 1x 75ml Masking Fluid. The Iridescent Medium gives a pearlescent and glittery effect and is intermixable with water colour. The Art Masking Fluid can be used to mask areas of work needing protection when colour is applied.
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