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  • Create tonal visuals and greyscale art, or add shade and definition when working in colour with this comprehensive collection. 

    This set includes:
    • Warm Grey 1, Warm Grey 2, Warm Grey 3, Warm Grey 4, Warm Grey 5: a hint of brown gives these greys a richer feel
    • Ice Grey 1, Ice Grey 2, Ice Grey 3, Ice Grey 4, Ice Grey 5: the frostiest greys, with the lighter shades often used to convey snow or the palest fur colours.
    • 2 x Cool Grey 1, 2 x Cool Grey 2, 2 x Cool Grey 3, 2 x Cool Grey 4, 2 x Cool Grey 5: the most neutral of greys, versatile and good for highlighting or creating shade and shadows.
    • 2 x Black: a staple colour for your marker collection, whether used as an outliner or worked into your composition.

    • 2 x Blender: apply it as an under-layer, to keep ink wetter and more malleable for longer, or on wet ink to create subtle graduations of colour.

    • Click here to download your ProMarker colour charts pack.

    • Product Code0290081
    • Nib Shape(s)Fine & Broad
    • InkAlcohol based, Dye based
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