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    How to fit canvas wedges

    The canvas tension of any Winsor & Newton stretched & primed canvas should be suitable for painting on without the use of the wedges. However after a period of time either after or during painting, the tension...

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    Understanding the difference between Canvas and Linen

    Canvas can mean different things to different people. In the context of painting, the word ‘canvas’ means a fabric used as a painting surface. The difference is that sometimes the canvas is made from...

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    Sizing water colour paper for oil painting

    Sizing paper reduces the absorbency of the sheet and is usually only required when printing or painting with oil colour on paper. On the other hand, priming paper changes the colour, texture or absorbency...

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    Choosing a surface for oil painting

    Before mixing your oil colours, it is worth spending a little time thinking about the type of surface that you intend to put the colours on. The most common surface for oil colours and one that has been used for centuries is...