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    Brush glossary

    When choosing a brush, the wide selection of hair types, head shapes and handle lengths mean that there are many words used to describe the characteristics of each one. This glossary provides a guide to terms...

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    Care and Cleaning of Brushes

    Adhere to the following three standards of brush care and you’ll be well equipped with the knowledge to keep your prized materials in a state to produce stellar creative results.

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    Choosing brushes for painting miniatures

    When painting miniatures, most brushes have too long a ‘hair length’ from the ferrule and most water colour brushes have so much carrying capacity that they obscure the view of the painting.

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    Choosing a brush for stippling clouds

    Winsor & Newton have a wide choice of brushes to give artists the opportunity to choose them depending on how they feel to the artist. For stippling, a stencil brush would be too hard...

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    Choosing your brush

    Walk into any artists’ store and the sheer number of brushes on display can at first seem overwhelming. Whether to choose natural or synthetic fibres? Which head shape is most suitable? Is it best to go for the most expensive?