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    Oiling Out: to brighten dull areas and prevent 'sinking'

    If a painting has lost its vitality and become dull, all may not be lost. This usually occurs due to what is known as ‘sinking’: when the top layer of oil has been lost to the layer underneath. There are usually 3 common causes...

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    How to use Oilbar

    One of the things you will notice before you start to use Oilbar is that a thin film forms on the outer surface as it dries. Simply wipe this away and underneath you will find fresh, clean oil colour ready to use straight....

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    Tips for using Liquin with Griffin Fast Drying Oil Colour

    Liquin will approximately half the drying time of an oil colour, dependant on the proportions added. Therefore depending on the climate, colours used, and film weight the layer will be touch dry between 1 and 5 days.

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    Understanding the 3 Oil Painting rules

    When using oil paint, a composition is usually built up using different layers of colour. For example, if you are painting a portrait, you may start with an area of background colour, on top of this you may sketch...