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    The Art of Displacement


    With 232 million* or 3% of the world’s population now living abroad, this mobile culture gives artists even more flexibility in choosing where in the world to live and work; but relocating is something...

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    Spotlight on Colour: Vermilion


    Created in China during the 8th century, Vermilion is an opaque orange-red which was one the main red used by artists until the introduction of cadmium pigments in the 20th century...

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    Choosing Pigments: Old Masters & Contemporary Painters


    Today pigments and colours are generally widely available, whether in an art store or online. While some artists might choose a limited palette, the number of colours available is not...

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    The Online Art Market


    Walking into an art gallery made from good old solid bricks and mortar, and seeing paintings hanging on a wall, is still one of the best ways to experience an artists’ work. However, the modern artist...

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    The Contemporary Art of South East Asia


    As recently as the 1970’s contemporary art sales were confined to a few select galleries in Manhattan. Now worldwide, as shown by the presence of major auction house Christie’s in Asia...

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    Australia: From the Royal Academy to the Outback


    This year, London’s autumn season has an Australian theme. At the Royal Academy, a major exhibition of the past 200 years of Australian art opens on the 21st of September...

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    A celebration of Paper: from creation to modern times


    Once at the forefront of communication and education, the role of paper in our daily life has changed over the centuries. Our lives are increasingly ‘paper-free’. Information is stored in computers, e-readers are commonplace...

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    The Colour Palette of L.S Lowry


    If you go out on the edge of Tianjin or Sao Paulo you’ll see industrialization is still taking place in this kind of raw and immediate and often brutal and appalling way. So Lowry is often an artist of the present...

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    Reportage drawing around the world by George Butler


    In August 2012 the UK national newspaper, The Guardian published a piece by Martin Chulov on Syria. Accompanying the piece were illustrations by professional artist and reportage illustrator George Butler...