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    Six Must-See Summer Art Exhibitions


    As the height of 2014 summer travel season approaches, we have chosen six of the most compelling shows well worth seeking out.

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    Art and (R)evolution: Introducing the New Winsor & Newton Online


    A trailblazing destination for creative inspiration, the new is revolutionising the way artists engage with materials and one another – creating a direct link to favourite products, engaging a creative community...

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    Professional Water Colour Sticks. Trying is Believing


    Combining colour vibrancy with versatility, our new Professional Water Colour Sticks offer you the opportunity to experiment with water colour like never before...

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    Introducing 6 new Professional Water Colours inspired by deserts


    Phthalo Sapphire, Transparent Orange, Indian Red Deep Red, Gold Brown, Yellow Titanate and Dark Brown are 6 brand new Limited Edition colours now available in our Professional Water Colour range...

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    5 famous black paintings


    Feast your eyes on these famous Black paintings for an example of how black is still one of the most powerful hues you can use on your palette.

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    Back in Black


    Considered a ‘non-colour’, black has always been a contentious issue in painting, yet contemporary painters continue to make new and exciting uses of black in their work. As today’s painters explore new approaches...

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    Spotlight on Indian Ink


    A permanent and opaque black, Indian ink mixes well with other colours and adds a cool dense tint. It flows well on the paper, producing strong crisp black lines. Also known as Chinese ink, Indian ink stems from...

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    Spotlight on colour: Indian Yellow


    Indian Yellow Colour, also known as Piuri or Purree is a vibrant yellow pigment with excellent tinting qualities. As its name suggests, Indian Yellow is believed to have originated in India during the 15th century...

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    A Materials World: How artists choose materials


    Francis Bacon believed it wasn’t possible to tell if a painting was any good until at least 50 years after it had been made. Having just broken auction records with the sale of his 1969 tryptych of Lucian Freud...