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    Focus on watercolour illustration techniques


    Often associated with Fine Art applications, Winsor & Newton Artists’ Water Colour is also the paint of choice for many illustrators and cartoonists. We asked a diverse range of these artists to tell us about what they do and how they use...

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    A Cartoon Lifestyle: The Thoughts and Influences of Steven Appleby.


    Guardian newspaper cartoonist Steven Appleby works exclusively with Winsor & Newton Drawing inks and Winsor & Newton Artists' Water Colour half-pans. Whilst creating a specially commissioned cartoon for ‘Painting Matters,’ Steven Appleby talks about the process of making cartoons, his influences and ideas.

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    Artists' Oilbar: One Year On


    In 2011, Winsor & Newton Artists’ Oilbar received a makeover; a professional quality oil colour in stick form, Artists' Oilbar enables painting and drawing freely and directly onto surfaces. The extended range of fifty colours...

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    Spotlight on Lamp Black


    Lamp Black is a simple genuine pigment made of Carbon black. A lightfast, permanent and opaque pigment, it has been used since pre-historic times making it one of the oldest pigments still used today.

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    Spotlight on Turquoise


    The very name evokes an exotic image. This is a colour that makes you think about mood as well as location. Turquoise creates thoughts of warm landscapes but cool tropical waters. It is, in many ways, a colour of escape and tranquility.

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    Raw Talent: An interview with GB triathlete and unique artist Vanessa Raw


    In the spirit of the Games, we talk to GB triathlete and talented artist Vanessa Raw who gains inspiration from both of her passions. Having completed her BA in Fine Art, Vanessa’s career...

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    Spotlight on Vandyke Brown


    Generally made from bituminous earth or a black pigment mixed with calcined natural iron oxide, Vandyke Brown is a permanent, lightfast and transparent pigment. Originally made from a lignite or bituminous earth...

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    Spotlight on Cobalt Green


    A semi-transparent, bright bluish-green, with a low tinting strength, Cobalt Green is extremely permanent like many pigments produced at high temperatures. In 1780, the process for making a compound of cobalt and zinc...

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    History of Pigments


    The story of pigments is a story of chance, experimentation and science but above all it is about providing human beings with the means by which to express themselves, and this has helped create some...