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    Spotlight on Colour: Indian Red


    A warm red pigment made from synthetic iron oxide, Indian Red stems from one of the world’s oldest pigments and can be found in prehistoric cave paintings dating as far back as 40,000 years ago...

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    Techniques for Contemporary Watercolour


    There are many preconceptions about watercolour; a paradoxical medium, seen by some as the perfect entry into painting but by many as technically challenging and difficult to master...

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    Spotlight on Colour: Gamboge


    Gamboge yellow, also known as Rattan or Wisteria Yellow, Gummi Gutta and Drop Gum, is an organic pigment. Well know for its transparency, the warm golden pigment derives its name from its country...

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    Spotlight on Sienna


    A yellow-brown colour, Sienna is part of a group collectively known as earth colours*. Shades of Sienna vary in hue and have different names depending on the colour Raw Sienna, however, comes from iron ore or ferric oxide...

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    Setting Up An Artists' Studio


    Landscapes and locations are great but at some point every artist needs their own space. A studio can be a haven, an engine room, or sometimes just a hiding place...

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    Art school graduation shows


    At this time of year art students around the world are preparing to graduate. For many, the final part of their education is exhibiting their work in public. The ‘degree show’ is also the first step to becoming a professional artist or designer.

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    Developing your career in Art


    Whether you are about to graduate, or want to get your work seen by a larger audience, there are steps you can take to help develop your art career. As the end of the university year approaches, we take...

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    Plein air painting locations, past and present


    ‘En plein air’, the familiar term for painting outdoors was popularised by the French impressionist painters. Many artists choose this method of painting directly from natural light, not only for its technique but also...

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    Spotlight on Terre Verte


    Although derived from a mineral source, Terre Verte is not a natural iron oxide pigment, but an iron silicate with clay. Originally a natural earth, the most famous Terre Verte, was mined near Verona in Italy until 1940...