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    Connect with Pastels


    Spring always calls pastel shades to mind but what is it that makes the vernal season synonymous with the lighter and brighter end of the spectrum? We look to some of the work uploaded to our Connect section for the answers.

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    The Colour Palette of L.S Lowry


    If you go out on the edge of Tianjin or Sao Paulo you’ll see industrialization is still taking place in this kind of raw and immediate and often brutal and appalling way. So Lowry is often an artist of the present...

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    Plein air painting locations, past and present


    ‘En plein air’, the familiar term for painting outdoors was popularised by the French impressionist painters. Many artists choose this method of painting directly from natural light, not only for its technique but also...

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    A Career Celebration: Josef Albers and Winsor & Newton (Part II)


    Josef Albers was both part of and instrumental in creating the world in which artists are both taught and work today. It stems from his unrelenting fascination with colour. The famous series of paintings...

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    Palettes of the masters - JMW Turner


    “Your business Winsor is to make colour. Mine is to use them.” This is Turner responding to gentle criticism from William Winsor who was concerned about Turner’s occasional lack of forward thinking when it came to using colour that would last.

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    A Colourful Relationship: Josef Albers and Winsor & Newton (Part I)


    Artists who are looking for inspiring and exciting ways to work with colour could do well to look and re-look at the work of Josef Albers. His relentless pursuit of the relationship between colours influenced...

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    William Holman Hunt & The Pre-Raphaelites Colour Palettes


    Any artist who has been hit by rejection or criticism of their work could do worse than take heart from the experiences of the Pre-Raphaelites. This group of young idealistic and skilled painters...