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    Spotlight on colour: Pinks


    The colour pink is named after flowers from the Dianthus species which includes Carnations, Pinks and Sweet William. In painting terms, pink is commonly known to be a mixture of red and white, but there are many different shades: pale pink, hot pink, cotton candy pink, carnation pink, cerise, coral pink, fuchsia, puce, rose, magenta and many more.

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    Spotlight on colour: Prussian Blue


    An intense transparent blue pigment, Prussian Blue has a high tinting strength and produces a range of hues from the palest tint to a deep blackish-blue. It is also known as Berlin Blue, Parisian Blue, Chinese Blue and Iron Blue...

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    Spotlight on Ultramarine


    Ultramarine, also known as Lapis Lazuli or Pierre d’Azur, is a natural and synthetic blue pigment. A strong, bright blue, it is highly transparent and known for its deep striking colour. One of the oldest blue pigments, early evidence...

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    Spotlight on Alizarin Crimson


    Alizarin Crimson is a deep red pigment with a blue undertone. Known for its capacity to create a wide range of rich purples and browns, it is a colour with an eventful history...

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    Distinguished Amateurs in the Graphic Arts was a series of articles published by Winsor & Newton in the 1950s.

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    New Year New Art


    This New Year, offer yourself a fresh creative start. Get motivated for 2016 by setting yourself some exciting challenges for the year ahead. Why not invigorate your art practice by taking on some new techniques and trying those materials you’ve always wanted to have a go with? What better way to brighten up the winter months than a new project to focus on...

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    Connect with Pastels


    Spring always calls pastel shades to mind but what is it that makes the vernal season synonymous with the lighter and brighter end of the spectrum? We look to some of the work uploaded to our Connect section for the answers.

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    Behind the Painting: Street Scene by LS Lowry


    In our on-going series, Behind the Painting, we take a closer look at remarkable works, unravelling the stories behind them and the stunning palettes used in their composition. Read on for an in-depth look at Street Scene by British painter LS Lowry.