How to use Oilbar

How to use oilbar
One of the things you will notice before you start to use Oilbar is that a thin film forms on the outer surface as it dries. Simply wipe this away and underneath you will find fresh, clean oil colour ready to use straight onto a surface. As you put the Oilbar on the surface and apply some pressure, it softens and flows from the bar. The more pressure you use, the more fluid the colour becomes. Once you have stopped using it, the outer film will seal the colour again in around 2-5 days.

You can safely mix Oilbar with any other Oilbar from within the range, and you can mix it with any Winsor & Newton oil colours: Artists' Oil Colour, Winton Oil Colour and Griffin Alkyd Fast Drying Oil Colour.

If you remember one of the three rules for oil paintings ‘Fat Over Lean’ – sometimes ‘Flexible Over Inflexible’ –this means that using Oilbar underneath thin oil films is not recommended as the thinner upper layers may crack.

Oilbar is also compatible with all Winsor & Newton oil mediums.

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