Cleaning acrylic paint from tube caps

cleaning acrylic tube caps
It is not uncommon for artists to have problems trying to remove caps from paint tubes that they have previously used. This is usually caused by paint drying between the cap and the thread of the tube’s opening.  After a painting session, if paint is present on the thread of the tube after using, once the cap is replaced, the acrylic paint acts as a glue between the tube opening and the cap.

To avoid this, simply give the opening of the tube a wipe with a wet rag and ensure that all the excess paint is removed from the thread before replacing the cap. This way the tubes will be easy to reopen next time they are used.


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  • John Carr
    1845 DAYS AGO

    John Carr

    I find that having done this I then screw on the cap then untwist half a turn thus preventing the lower edge of the cap adhering to the tube - should you have excess paint on the cap rim.

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