Professional Water Colour

The table below provides all the important information about the composition, characteristics and permanence of the Professional Water Colour range. You can use it to tell you how a colour will appear on your surface (transparency/opacity), how long it will last (permanence) and what pigments it is made from (chemical description) plus much more. 

For a detailed explanation of terms used, see terms explained here.
Colour / Code Transparency / Opacity Permanence Lightfastness (ASTM) Colour Index Name Series Number
Alizarin Crimson Code: 004 N/A B PR83 1
Antwerp Blue Code: 010 N/A B N/A PB27 1
Aureolin Code: 016 N/A A II PY40 4
Bismuth Yellow Code: 025 N/A A I PY184 3
Brown Madder Code: 056 N/A A PR206 1
Brown Ochre Code: 059 N/A AA I PBr7 1
Burnt Sienna Code: 074 N/A AA I PR101 1
Burnt Umber Code: 076 N/A AA I PBr7,PR101,PY42 1
Cadmium Lemon Code: 086 N/A A I PY35 4
Cadmium Orange Code: 089 N/A A I PY35,PR108 4
Cadmium Red Code: 094 N/A A I PR108 4
Cadmium Red Deep Code: 097 N/A A I PR108 4
Cadmium Scarlet Code: 106 N/A A I PR108 4
Cadmium Yellow Code: 108 N/A A I PY35,PO20 4
Cadmium Yellow Deep Code: 111 N/A A I PY35,PR108 4
Cadmium Yellow Pale Code: 118 N/A A I PY35 4
Caput Mortuum Violet Code: 125 N/A AA I PR101 2
Cerulean Blue Code: 137 N/A AA I PB35 3
Cerulean Blue (Red Shade) Code: 140 N/A AA I PB35 3
Chinese White Code: 150 N/A AA I PW4 1
Cobalt Blue Code: 178 N/A AA I PB28 4
Cobalt Blue Deep Code: 180 N/A AA N/A PB74 4
Cobalt Green Code: 184 N/A AA N/A PG50 4
Cobalt Green Deep Code: 185 N/A AA I PG26 3
Cobalt Turquoise Code: 190 N/A AA I PB28, PB36 4
Cobalt Turquoise Light Code: 191 N/A AA N/A PG50 4
Cobalt Violet Code: 192 N/A AA I PV14 4
Crimson Lake Code: 205 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Davy's Gray Code: 217 N/A AA I PG17,PBk6,PBk19, PW5 1
French Ultramarine Code: 263 N/A A I PB29 2
New Gamboge Code: 267 N/A A II PY150, PR209 1
Gold Ochre Code: 285 N/A AA I PY42 2
Gold Brown Code: 286 N/A AA I PBk12 3
Green Gold Code: 294 N/A A N/A PY129 2
Hooker's Green Code: 311 N/A A I PY110,PG36 1
Indian Red Code: 317 N/A AA I PR101 1
Indian Red Deep Code: 318 N/A A I PBr25 3
Indian Yellow Code: 319 N/A A II PO62, PY139 1
Indanthrene Blue Code: 321 N/A A N/A PB60 3
Indigo Code: 322 N/A A II PBk6,PV19,PB15 1
Ivory Black Code: 331 N/A AA I PBk9 1
Lamp Black Code: 337 N/A AA I PBk6/7 1
Lemon Yellow (Nickel Titanate) Code: 347 N/A AA I PY53 4
Lemon Yellow Deep Code: 348 N/A AA N/A PY159 2
Yellow Titanate Code: 349 N/A AA I PBr24 3
Light Red Code: 362 N/A AA N/A PR102 1
Manganese Blue Hue Code: 379 N/A A II PB15 2
Magnesium Brown Code: 381 N/A AA N/A PY119 1
Mars Black Code: 386 N/A AA I PBk11 1
Naples Yellow Code: 422 N/A AA I PW6,PBr24 1
Naples Yellow Deep Code: 425 N/A AA I PBr24 1
Neutral Tint Code: 430 N/A A II PB15,PBk6,PV19 1
Olive Green Code: 447 N/A A II PY65,PB15:6,PR101 1
Opera Rose Code: 448 N/A B N/A PR122 +fluorescent 2
Oxide of Chromium Code: 459 N/A AA I PG17 3
Perylene Green Code: 460 N/A A N/A PBk31 2
Payne's Gray Code: 465 N/A A II PB15,PBk6,PV19 1
Permanent Alizarin Crimson Code: 466 N/A A N/A PR206,PV19 3
Perylene Violet Code: 470 N/A A N/A PV29 2
Permanent Carmine Code: 479 N/A A N/A PV19 3
Permanent Magenta Code: 489 N/A A I PV19 3
Permanent Mauve Code: 491 N/A A I PV16 3
Permanent Rose Code: 502 N/A A II PV19 3
Permanent Sap Green Code: 503 N/A A I PG36,PY110 1
Perylene Maroon Code: 507 N/A A PR179 3
Phthalo Sapphire Code: 525 N/A A I PB15:6 3
Phthalo Turquoise Code: 526 N/A A N/A PB16 2
Potter's Pink Code: 537 N/A AA N/A PR233 2
Prussian Blue Code: 538 N/A A I PB27 1
Quinacridone Magenta Code: 545 N/A A N/A PR122 3
Quinacridone Gold Code: 547 N/A A N/A PR206,PV19,PY150 3
Quinacridone Red Code: 548 N/A A II PR209 3
Quinacridone Violet Code: 550 N/A A I PV55 3
Raw Sienna Code: 552 N/A AA I PY42,PR101 1
Raw Umber Code: 554 N/A AA I PBr7 1
Rose Dore Code: 576 N/A A II PY97, PV19 4
Rose Madder Genuine Code: 587 N/A B N/A NR9 4
Scarlet Lake Code: 603 N/A A II PR188 2
Sepia Code: 609 N/A AA I PBk7,PR101 1
Terre Verte Code: 637 N/A AA I PG23,PG18,PB28 1
Terre Verte (Yellow Shade) Code: 638 N/A AA I PG23 1
Titanium White (Opaque White) Code: 644 N/A AA I PW6 1
Turner's Yellow Code: 649 N/A AA N/A PY216 3
Transparent Orange Code: 650 N/A A I DPP 3
Transparent Yellow Code: 653 N/A A I PY150 1
Ultramarine (Green Shade) Code: 667 N/A A I PB29 2
Ultramarine Violet Code: 672 N/A A I PV15 2
Vandyke Brown Code: 676 N/A AA I PR101,PBk6 1
Dark Brown Code: 677 N/A AA I PY164 3
Venetian Red Code: 678 N/A AA I PR101 1
Viridian Code: 692 N/A AA I PG18 3
Aqua Green Code: 697 N/A A I Phtalo 3
Winsor Blue (Green Shade) Code: 707 N/A A II PB15 1
Winsor Blue (Red Shade) Code: 709 N/A A II PB15 1
Smalt (Dumont's Blue) Code: 710 N/A A I PV15 3
Winsor Green (Blue Shade) Code: 719 N/A A I PG7 1
Winsor Green (Yellow Shade) Code: 721 N/A A I PG36 1
Winsor Lemon Code: 722 N/A A PY175 1
Winsor Orange (Red Shade) Code: 723 N/A A N/A PO73 1
Winsor Orange Code: 724 N/A A II PO62 1
Winsor Red Deep Code: 725 N/A A N/A PR264 1
Winsor Red Code: 726 N/A A N/A PR254 1
Winsor Yellow Code: 730 N/A A I PY154 1
Winsor Yellow Deep Code: 731 N/A A II PY65 1
Winsor Violet (Dioxazine) Code: 733 N/A A N/A PV23 1
Yellow Ochre Code: 744 N/A AA I PY43 1
Yellow Ochre Light Code: 745 N/A AA I PY43 1
Cadmium-Free Yellow Code: 890 N/A A I N/A 4
Cadmium-Free Yellow Deep Code: 891 N/A A I N/A 4
Cadmium-Free Red Deep Code: 895 N/A A I N/A 4
Cadmium-Free Lemon Code: 898 N/A A I N/A 4
Cadmium-Free Orange Code: 899 N/A A I N/A 4
Cadmium-Free Red Code: 901 N/A A I N/A 4
Cadmium-Free Scarlet Code: 903 N/A A I N/A 4
Cadmium-Free Yellow Pale Code: 907 N/A A I N/A 4
For a detailed explanation of terms used, see terms explained here.