Galeria Acrylic

The table below provides all the important information about the composition, characteristics and permanence of the Galeria Acrylic Colour range. You can use it to tell you how a colour will appear on your surface (transparency/opacity), how long it will last (permanence) and what pigments it is made from (chemical description) plus much more.

For a detailed explanation of terms used, see terms explained here.
Colour / Code Transparency / Opacity Permanence Lightfastness (ASTM) Colour Index Name Series Number
Buff Titanium Code: 060 N/A AA I PW6, PY42, PR101, PBk11 1
Burnt Sienna Code: 074 N/A AA I PR101, PY42, PBk11 1
Burgundy Code: 075 N/A A II PR170, PV23, PW6 1
Burnt Umber Code: 076 N/A AA I PBr7 1
Burnt Sienna Opaque Code: 077 N/A AA I PY42, PR101, PBk9 1
Cadmium Orange Hue Code: 090 N/A A I PY65, PR9 1
Cadmium Red Hue Code: 095 N/A A II PR112 1
Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue Code: 114 N/A A II PY3, PY74 1
Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue Code: 115 N/A A I PY65 1
Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue Code: 120 N/A A I PY73, PY83 1
Cerulean Blue Hue Code: 138 N/A A I PB15:3 PBk11 PW6 1
Cobalt Blue Code: 178 N/A AA N/A N/A 2
Cobalt Blue Hue Code: 179 N/A A I PB29, PB15, PW6 1
Crimson Code: 203 N/A A I PR170 1
Copper Code: 214 N/A A I N/A 1
Deep Turquoise Code: 232 N/A A I PG7, PB15, PW6 1
Flesh Tint Code: 257 N/A AA I PY42, PR101, PW6 1
Gold Code: 283 N/A A N/A N/A 2
Green Gold Code: 294 N/A A I PY129 1
Hooker's Green Code: 311 N/A AA I PB15, PY83 1
Ivory Black Code: 331 N/A AA I PBk9 1
Lamp Black Code: 337 N/A AA I PBk6 1
Lemon Yellow Code: 346 N/A A II PY3 1
Mars Black Code: 386 N/A AA I PBk11 1
Mixing White Code: 415 N/A AA I PW6 1
Naples Yellow Code: 422 N/A AA I PW6, PY42 1
Pale Lemon Code: 434 N/A A II PW6, PY3 1
Pale Olive Code: 435 N/A A I PW6, PG7, PR101, PY42 1
Pale Terracotta Code: 437 N/A AA I PW6, PR101, PY42 1
Pale Umber Code: 438 N/A AA I PW6, PY42, PR101, PBk11 1
Pale Violet Code: 444 N/A A II PW6, PV23 1
Powder Blue Code: 446 N/A A I PW6, PB29, PV23 1
Olive Green Code: 447 N/A A I PR101, PY42, PG7 1
Opera Rose Code: 448 N/A B N/A N/A 1
Payne's Gray Code: 465 N/A A I PBk7, PBk9, PB29 1
Permanent Alizarin Crimson Code: 466 N/A A II PR170, PV19 1
Permanent Green Deep Code: 482 N/A A II PY3, PG7 1
Permanent Green Light Code: 483 N/A A II PY3, PG7 1
Permanent Green Middle Code: 484 N/A A II PY3, PW6, PG7 1
Permanent Magenta Code: 488 N/A A I PR122, PV19 1
Permanent Rose Code: 502 N/A A I PR122, PV19 1
Phthalo Blue Code: 516 N/A A I PB15, PG7 1
Phthalo Green Code: 522 N/A A I PG7 1
Process Magenta Code: 533 N/A A I PV19 1
Process Cyan Code: 535 N/A A I PB15:3, PW6 1
Process Yellow Code: 537 N/A A I PY74 1
Prussian Blue Hue Code: 541 N/A A I PB29, PB15:3, PBk11 1
Raw Sienna Code: 552 N/A AA I PY42, PR101, PBk9 1
Raw Sienna Opaque Code: 553 N/A AA I PY42, PR101, PW6 1
Raw Umber Code: 554 N/A AA I PBr7 1
Red Ochre Code: 564 N/A AA I PR101 1
Sap Green Code: 599 N/A A II PY14, PG7, PBk7, PW6 1
Silver Code: 617 N/A A N/A PBk7 2
Titanium White Code: 644 N/A AA I PW6 1
Transparent Yellow Code: 653 N/A A I PY150, PY3 1
Ultramarine Code: 660 N/A A I PB29 1
Vandyke Brown Code: 676 N/A AA I PBr7, PBk9 1
Vermilion Hue Code: 682 N/A A I PR9 1
Winsor Blue Code: 706 N/A A I PB15 , PY3 1
Winsor Violet Code: 728 N/A A II PV23 (RS) 1
Yellow Ochre Code: 744 N/A AA I PY42, PW6, PBk11 1
For a detailed explanation of terms used, see terms explained here.