Professional Water Colour Sticks. Trying is Believing


Combining colour vibrancy with versatility, our new Professional Water Colour Sticks offer you the opportunity to experiment with water colour like never before. The latest in our family of forward-facing arts products allows you to go from drawing to water colour by applying the product dry onto paper, then wetting with a brush to create soft, colourful water colour washes which can be blended with ease.

Tried, tested and approved by notable water colour artists, the Sticks open up an array of new creative possibilities, inviting you to explore the boundaries of your artistic freedom by experimenting with them in wet and dry form. Mario Robinson is one such artist who has been awed and inspired by their capabilities, having created an evocative collection of portraits using the Sticks which you can view here.

Other highlights of the Sticks include:
•    No colour shift from wet to dry
•    Fully intermixable with traditional watercolour, including new Winsor & Newton Water Colour Markers and mediums
•    Available in 48 brilliant colours made of the highest quality, lightfast pigments
•    Easily transportable – use in your home studio or on-the-go

View the videos below for more on the Sticks and a dose of water colour inspiration courtesy of artist Louisa Chambers.  

 Watch Water Colour Sticks video
   Watch Louisa Chambers' use of
water colours in her art

Winsor & Newton Water Colour Sticks blendability:

Competitors blendability: