Five of the Most Exciting International Galleries


Lisson Chelsea

With more international fairs and biennials than ever before, the gallery scene is growing like never before. What follows is a roundup of the international galleries currently bringing something unique and exciting to the global art scene. 

1. Lisson, New York City

Lisson Gallery, steered by founder Nicholas Logsdail, recently announced a New York gallery build underneath the city’s famous High Line. This Stateside addition to their London, Milan and Singapore spaces is set to open in the first half of 2015 in Chelsea, and will boast 8,500 square feet of exhibition space. 

This is an exciting step for the already influential Lisson Gallery, who specialise in conceptual work by the likes of Ai Weiwei and Richard Long, the opening will surely solidify its footing in the world of contemporary art.

2.  798 Art Zone and Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

Beijing’s art district is distinctly marked by a huge red sign reading ‘798.’ As you enter the walled compound, it is clear that this is the city’s creative centre, its streets lined with cafes, studios and galleries. The walls are covered with layers of flyers, and the hum of the huge motorway that you turn off to get inside fades out as you enter the space, an oasis in the busy metropolis that is modern day Beijing.

Of 798’s many galleries, the main attraction is the Ullens Contemporary. Founded by a Swiss couple who made their money selling work by the British artist J. M. W. Turner, the gallery show a large amount of German art making this a truly international institution. Worth seeing simply for its unique story and place within the larger 798 district, Ullens is fascinating for both art enthusiasts and Chinese history buffs alike.

The Entrance to Beijing's 798 District, Wikimedia Commons, some rights reserved

3. Rodeo, Istanbul

It’s repeatedly said that political and social change can be a catalyst for great creative output in a city. Istanbul, whose reputation in the art world is growing sits not only on the border on Europe and Asia, but on the border of political and religious ideology, providing a wealth of fodder for artistic exploration.

Rodeo Gallery is at the heart of this cultural dialogue, representing buzz-worthy artists such as Christodoulos Panayiotou, Duncan Campbell and Banu Cenneto─člu. The gallery features multidisciplinary art that highlights the various cultural influences which intersect in Istanbul’s contemporary arts scene.

Rodeo Istanbul, Occasionally Elsewhere on Flikr, some rights reserved

4.    The Third Line, Dubai

Dubai’s Third Line is growing in profile owing to its showing at important art fairs such as Frieze and Art Brussels, concretising its reputation as an art world ‘up-and-comer.’ The gallery specialises in Middle Eastern contemporary art, and the artists it represents – including Shirin Aliabadi, Salvs and Tartars and Youssef Nabil – dabble in a mixture of decorative and more political work.

The art market in Dubai has grown significantly with the arrival of Art Dubai in 2007, which today draws art press luminaries and buyers to the city. As this emerging, Middle Eastern centre of art continues to expand its reach and influence, the Third Line will no doubt be at the forefront of the action.

The Third Line, image courtesy of The Third Line

5. Honor Fraser, Los Angeles

Los Angeles, a city that has been inaccurately labelled with a reputation as a Hollywood-fuelled cultural vacuum, is home to some fantastic art institutions, LACMA and MOCA among them. While the city’s museums have set the scene, its thriving gallery scene is truly propelling it to the forefront of the arts.

Honor Fraser, who gave her name to the gallery, is known for being both a well-heeled art dealer and former supermodel. Since embarking on her career in the arts she has made enormous success of her LA-based space, which represents a wide range of contemporary artists including Sarah Cain and Mario Ybarra, and other emerging talents who are making waves locally and beyond.

Honor Fraser, Wikimedia Commons, some rights reserved

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*Lead image courtesy of Lisson Gallery

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