Connect with Pastels




Spring always calls pastel shades to mind but what is it that makes the vernal season synonymous with the lighter and brighter end of the spectrum? We look to some of the work uploaded to our Connect section for the answers. 



Dahlia Flower by Stevo

In this work you can see how a pastel shade of one colour, combined with stronger elements of colour can create the effect of light and create an almost hyper realistic effect.

Using varying strengths of the same shade with warming additions of red and orange create a strong feeling of sunlight and spring.

Amish Sunday by Rose

In this work the atmosphere of a warm afternoon has been conjured up and with both warm autumnal tones and pastels heightening both the warmth of the sun and the blossoming tree.


Twist and Turn by Munleen

The pastels in this work really offset the stronger, bright colours creating different moods for each panel the contrasts within each section of the painting giving the impression that the dancer is turning before our eyes.

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