About Anna Kirsten

I was born in the year 1989 in The Netherlands, Nieuwegein. My mother, sister and I immigrated to South Africa when I was 8 years old. I quickly became very fond of the African nature and wild, which is the very opposite of my homeland. I finished High School in Nelspruit and returned to Nederland in 2007 to study Fine Art at Minerva Art Academy in Groningen (2008-2012). Having lived in South Africa, the influences of the wild and untouched nature had continued to play an important role in my paintings and so I decided to return to the bush in 2014. I marvel about existence, about the mysterious roll that every creature plays in our universe. In order for me to get a deeper understanding of the natural processes and to be more exposed to what inspires me, I followed a Field Guiding Course with Eco-Training. The knowledge and experiences I gained during that year became the solid foundations of my work today. I observe how the animals dissolve into its natural surrounding. How decay gives life. The diversity and the movement in nature as well as the forever changing landscapes is an ever flowing well of inspiration to me. I paint from my direct environment; the artworks evolve in my studio using the sketches and photographs I make outdoors. I believe that to experience the diversity of life on planet earth is an important component to understanding the self and I try to communicate this through my paintings. Studies Eco-Training SA (Professional Field Guiding Course) 2014-2015 Academie Minerva Groningen NL (Fine Arts) 2008-2012 Exhibitions Film Premiere N/OM (in collaboration with artist Koos Buist) Kuzuri Botanical Gardens Nelspruit SA. 2016 “Chicken Challenge” supporting the cause ‘GRIP’ exhibition, Casterbridge White River SA. 2016 (group) Grensloos Kunst Verkennen, Ijhorst NL. 2014 (group) Open Atelier Exhibition “Last but not least”, Groningen NL. 2014 (group) Gemeentehuis Emmeloord expo, Emmeloord NL. 2014 Wall Painting in collaboration with Mark Bakker at “GYM” exhibition “Miami Vice”, Groningen NL. 2013 Festival der Aa, Drenthe Nl. 2013 (interactive art-work with Elzo Oterdoom) Stomerij Gallery, Groningen NL. (group) Solo Exhibition at Stoep, Nelspruit SA. 2013 Graduation show Academie Minerva, Groningen NL. 2012 (group)