About Vanesa Longchamp

The introvert, graceful female characters in Vanesa Longchamp’s works always face inwards, safely cocooned inside their winding locks of long hair. Born from a personal process of catharsis, they express emotional healing and balance. Her signature characters bring calmness to the space, creating beautiful worlds of silence. VLong started drawing with pens in 2011. Her first painting medium was spray paint, which she started to experiment with in 2012. A self-taught artist, she is currently also using acrylic and oil for her studio work. The creative process combines painting with music, which the artist feels is an essential synergy, since most pieces have been inspired by her favourite songs and musicians. She enjoys painting on any surface, particularly on walls. All of her street art pieces are painted with spray cans, freehand. Most of her studio work is the result of mixed techniques. Vanesa has painted live at several festivals and events, including City of Colours Festival - Birmingham, Femme Fierce - London and The Gloucester Paint Jam, and exhibited in group shows in East London galleries, such as Curious Duke Gallery, Ben Oakley Gallery, and Lollipop Gallery.