About Amar Singha

I was born in 1978, and have been working in the field of painting since 1999 and obtained my diploma in Academy of creative art of Calcutta. I decided to work as a self employed artist. I worked as an art instructor of public school, and also invited for judgement of several art competition by the government of West Bengal and privet organizations. I like cubist geometric style but to make it own, I recomposed this form. I also like to experiment with other style and form to create an oriental effect in my painting. Oil is my best medium, but I also like to use other mediums, like watercolor, paste. I mainly inspired by nature,and my surround world. I like to interact with common people and my subjects are come from their words, activities and emotion. You should may be recognize that my consistency, I didn't maintain in my every work, because it is impossible to express everything in same form and I reprimanded by my emotion to express my feelings properly. Some times I depicted same subject in several forms and style just for this reason. It is my day long obsession and torment of my artistic emotion and feelings. In 2013, I have won special recognition award from Light space time gallery, and honorable mention from IVAC of New York. In this year of 2014,my artwork have been taken place of International Contemporary Artists yearbook of 2014 Vol - 9. I have written few books named, My musical journey on canvas, Ajanta cave painting, and The oldest grammar book of painting. Those books published from Amazon, I am a member of ArtBiz, Artists-info, Big art Directory and LST gallery. I featured by Art Promotivate of America.