About Stephen Fountain (Orin)

I began conscious awareness oil painting at age four under the instruction of my grandmother, Marcia Langseth who was an accomplished painter in oil and acrylic, watercolor, pastels, graphite, charcoal and mixed media. My grandmother was also a devout musician having mastered the piano, recorder, full church organ and 9 other instruments. She was writing a play when she died. I continued exploring and developing my creative process throughout my childhood in art, music and dance. I excelled in all of my art expressions winning awards, gold keys and scholarships. I had a few showing of my artwork, one of which was at the South Bend Museum of Art One major scholarship brought me to the Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio where I studied in the Foundation Program in art history, literature, paining, life drawing, figure drawing, design, textiles and computer art and design. I showed my artwork while in school here. I continued on at Indiana University of South Bend and Bloomington, IN in printmaking and design. While in Bloomington, IN I also completed my cosmetology license and excelled in hair color and design for 20+ years to date. I also had showings of my work while living here. After working in Blades Hair Studio in Bloomington, IN for a few years I then moved to Flagstaff, AZ where I worked and painted and had art shows and created and implemented a fashion show with 30 models. My work took me to Vancouver, B.C., Canada and I became involved in the art scene there. My work then took me to Bellingham, Washington where I continued developing and expanding my creative process and showed my artwork. My work then brought me to Phoenix, AZ, in which I found to not be very inspirational for my artwork. I then had an opportunity to move to New York City, NY. I enjoyed my time in New York and I had a showing of my artwork there but I had a very long commute to work which became weary. I also missed the open space of the desert so I decided to move back to Flagstaff, AZ and went back to school at Northern Arizona University for Environmental Communication - which is Environmental Science with a Communication emphasis. I minored in Anthropology, focused in cultural and social behavior. The entire time I continued to paint and then became involved in applying my creative process to digital computer imagery. I stayed grounded in Flagstaff after completing my program for ten years. I also studied three years of world religious studies, philosophy and metaphysics. In 2010 I was accepted into Portland State University in the Urban Planning program focused in Community Development. While I was there I continued work on my digital imagery and also learned sewing and am currently pursuing. I moved back to my home town in 2012 to assist my parents and am currently working both in a salon and in the launching of my design organization. I wrote my thesis for my degree in Environmental Communication in the spring of 2006 which is based on my painting, Elemental Redemption which I completed in autumn, 2005. My business organization is based from my thesis - Elemental Redemption and I began work on it in 2008. Since that time I have expanded in all realms of my business, my artwork and in life. I will have to upload photos of my paintings - showing my oil usage, Windsor Newton Oils, which have been my choice brand since I attended the Cleveland, Institute of Art in 1987-1989. However, my current digital works are more readily available to feature. I excelled in color usage in college, cosmetology school and continue to explore and enjoy color application in my paintings, digital works and other media. Please visit my website to see further works and what I am doing there. I also have been singing with the chorus in AZ, OR and IN and create musical tid bits on my keyboard and computer - which I view as sound design. To me I see design in everything. My organization, ATHEZOC, does environmental and humanitarian outreach