About Lee Madgwick

About Lee Madgwick Lee was born in King's Lynn, England in 1980. He is a self-taught artist specialising primarily in oil and acrylic paintings. He began drawing in detail from a very young age and it has remained a passion ever since. Pencil drawings led way to a medium of pen and ink, which was an effective way to highlight intricate detail, especially in architectural drawings. Commissions began at the age of fifteen, but he only began exhibiting in galleries in 2003 after graduating in Graphic Design BA (Hons) from the Norwich University College of the Arts. It soon became clear that his hobby would become his profession and today he exhibits in UK galleries and Art Fairs including London, New York, Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Dublin. Lee Madgwick's Work I am constantly drawn to the inspirational British countryside but also, in contrast, to the urban neglected and abandoned buildings of our towns and cities. I like to add mystery and suspense to my paintings, achieved with a limited palette which I hope evokes a somewhat formidable and possibly even melancholic atmosphere. Typically my canvases are large-scale pieces. The foreground is painted in acrylic and almost always shows a low glow or sharp burst of light to generate an abundance of seemingly inexplicable moods, juxtaposed with a brooding sky - which is painted with my hands and finger tips using Artisan water mixable oil paints.